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Malpractice Insurance Endorsed by the MSCSW

    Below you will find a comparison of NASW's claims made malpractice insurance policy administered through CPH and CPH's occurrence based malpractice insurance policy that CSWA endorses.  While these policies have many similarities, the primary difference is that the occurrence based policy covers the clinician for their lifetime and the claims made policy requires additional coverage to be purchased once the policy is discontinued.

CSWA encourages all clinical social workers to examine both plans and choose the best option for them as individuals.

NASW: Claims Made Plan

CSWA: Occurrence Based Plan


NASW owns their insurance plan and profits from the sale of the plan, which can only be purchased by NASW members. As a claims made plan, coverage ends when premiums are stopped, e.g., retirement. Additional coverage after the policy is discontinued, called "tail" coverage, may be purchased for $172.



CSWA endorses this CPH insurance policy; they do not own it or profit from members who buy it. CPH offers this plan to several mental health associations, including CSWA. CPH owns and profits from the plan. The CPH plan made available to CSWA members is an occurrence based plan, covering the enrollee for their lifetime, even after retirement, for no additional cost.


For a full time practitioner the cost is as follows: Year 1 = $250; Year 2 = $295; Year 3 = $340; Year 4 = $365; Year 5 = $385; Year 6 = $225 and all future years.

Average payment for first five years = $323.


For a full time practitioner the cost is $320 per year.

Membership Requirements:

An LCSW must be a member of NASW to be allowed to buy this malpractice policy.

Membership Requirements:

An LCSW need not be a member of the CSWA to purchase a policy, but must be a member of CSWA or some professional association that endorses CPH to be eligible for this program.

Plan Administrator:

NASW uses CPH as the administrator and policy issuer for their own program. NASW has established a Risk Retention Group to act as an insurance carrier.

Plan Administrator:

CPH Is the administrator of this plan. CSWA endorses the CPH occurrence based plan and CSWA members are allowed to purchase the plan.


Otherwise, the two policies are very similar, with the exception of legal defense coverage ($50,000 limit for NASW plan, no limit for CPH plan). CSWA encourages all clinical social workers to examine both plans and decide which is best for them as individuals.



The representatives at CPH are exceedingly helpful at educating on options for policy selection.  Please contact CPH directly for any further policy questions at 312-987-9823.      


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