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Culturally Queer: Affirming the Children of LGBTQ+ Parents and Caretakers

  • Saturday, April 09, 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Online


  • Special price for members

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In this interactive workshop, participants will explore the unique challenges and strengths experienced by children of LGBTQ+ parents and caretakers. We will discuss the relevance of “chosen family” kinship structures that are common among LGBTQ+ households, and why they matter for youth development and relationship formation. By the end of the session, participants will be able to identify at least three ways that children of LGBTQ+ parents and caretakers experience discrimination, stigma, and microaggressions, yet also identify at least three sources of strength and resilience that are unique to their lives. Participants will also apply at least three strategies to affirm and validate the experiences of  youth with LGBTQ+ parents and caretakers in a variety of settings and scenarios.

*Please note that while we will briefly cover basic LGBTQ+ terminology and concepts, some familiarity with concepts of sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex assigned at birth is recommended.

3 Continuing Education Hours *This meets the requirement for Cultural Competency training.

This is a virtual event.

April 9, 2022 9:00am - Noon
$35 for MSCSW Members, $50 for non-members 

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