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Change Talk: A Blog About Motivational Interviewing and Supervision
Intrinsic Change, LLC, started in April of 2015
Jesse Berg

This blog features monthly articles written about motivational interviewing and the challenges of clinical supervision. Concepts of the empathy, the spirit of MI and how to use MI in nonconventional scenarios are adressed.

Adult Attachment Otherwise Known as Love
Castlewood Treatment Center Newsletter, June 2013
Tamara Blum

The article looks at the origins of attachment patterns in adults, how those are sometimes driven by core beliefs or schemas, and some ideas to find healing and satisfaction in your love relationship.

From The Heart of An Abandoned Daughter: My Personal Journey Through Family Violence and Beyond
Publication Slated for 2015
Helen Gennari

Domestic / Family violence is a crime that impacts millions of children in this country annually. It breaks their hearts, distorts their view of themselves and the world, diminishes their health, leaves them emotionally traumatized and often feeling emotionally abandoned. I was one of those children. I grew up terrorized by a father who brutalized my mother, and spent most of my younger adult life dealing with the damaging effects of this experience. Now in my 74th year, even as I continue to deal with some of those issues, I have completed seven years of work on my book, writing about my personal journey through family violence and beyond, with the hope that it will inform and inspire, especially those adults who still struggle with the effects of growing up terrified. 

Pretty or Pity? Female Body Image Oppression as a Risk Factor for Eating Disorders 
The New Social Worker
Ting-Ting Lau

The article looks the connection between female body image oppression and eating disorders.  

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